Small businesses with brick and mortar stores are during the current COVID pandemic among the most economically affected subjects. This is mainly due to the inability to have the stores open but very often also due to the lack of innovation, small flexibility in targeting the customers or no on-line presence of those stores. Our Sdílko Academy will help the local businesses to adapt to the changed environment. 

Our project’s goal is to educate small business owners about ways they can reduce the impact of COVID crisis. We aim to teach them how to react to a new customers’ behavior in a flexible way. Throughout the series of 5 online webinars they will learn how to adapt the interior of their store to the new customer habits, freshen their shop windows and prepare visual merchandising plan, boost their online presence with social media marketing and learn how to set up an e-shop. 

Our target group are the small business owners from Ostrava-Poruba. Poruba is a city district of Ostrava, with over 60 thousand inhabitants and a lively entrepreneurship community. The Academy is organized under the Sdílko Poruba brand (www.sdilkoporuba.cz).


Sdílko academy for small businesses consists of 5 on-line webinars (each webinar lasts 90 minutes) .  

18th March 2021Marketing tips for small businesses
1st April 2021Facebook and Instagram advertising
15th April 2021E-shop for your brick and mortar store
29th April 2021Window display – how to set up timeless display for your store
13th April 2021Store’s interior – design and implementation
27th May 2021Final meeting of all participants where they will be awarded certificates of participation


Sdílko academy is initiated by Sdílko Poruba and Kamila Smutná, who is the coordinator of the whole academy. We are very grateful to receive support from the Embassy of the United States of America in the Czech Republic and Ostrava-Poruba municipality. Thank you!